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When you install a solar energy system on your property, you save money on your electricity bills and protect yourself against rising electricity rates in the future. How much you can save depends on the utility rates in your area, but going solar is a smart investment regardless of where you live.

Homes with solar energy systems sell for more than homes without them. However, your property value will only increase if you own, rather than lease, your solar panel system. In most parts of the country, going solar will actually increase your property value more than a kitchen renovation.

The amount of power your solar energy system can generate is dependent on sunlight. As a result, your solar panels will produce slightly less energy when the weather is cloudy, and no energy at night. However, if you add batteries to your system you can utilise excess power produced during the day, at night.

Unless your solar energy system includes battery storage and you are fully off the grid, you will still receive a bill from your utility. However, you can dramatically reduce your bill with a solar panel system and batteries that matches your energy use.

If your solar panel system is connected to the grid, it will shut off when the grid goes down. This is to prevent emergency responders and electricity utility repair-people from being injured by your panels sending power back to the grid. However, when paired with batteries they will still work and provide you with power.

Solar panel systems are made of durable tempered glass and require little to no maintenance for the 25 to 35 years that they will generate power. In most cases, you don’t even need to clean your solar panels regularly. If something does happen, most equipment manufacturers include warranties, although warranty terms depend on the company.

In general, solar panels are very durable and capable of withstanding snow, wind, and hail. The various components of your solar power system will need to be replaced at different times, but your system should continue to generate electricity for 25 to 35 years.

The first step to going solar is to fill a request quote form. Once you submit your query online you will receive a quote. If you decide to accept the quote you request a free site inspection for the exact measurements and feasibility of the system to be verified. Thereafter you will receive a proforma invoice. Once your deposit has been paid an installation team will contact you to arrange a convenient time and day to begin with the installation. The actual installation takes a day or two to complete.

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